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  10/04/2011: Edy Reja: Post Match Comments
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After a controversial loss in Napoli, Lazio are back to winning ways against Parma, but Uncle Edy knows that the road is still long: 

"In the upcoming weeks we will have some very difficult games, but today against Parma, the team played with intelligence and we scored two very beautiful goals, despite the fact that we were a bit affected by the heat which caused us to slow down a little" said Reja to Sky. 

Asked about the performance of Hernanes, Reja complimented the player: "In the coming games, he will be one of our key players. At home he plays better, and that is maybe because away from home, it is difficult to impose our game. But when Hernanes is fit, he is a player that proves a challenge to all opponents."

Then Reja went on to discuss the difference between results at home and results away, as Lazio has only lost two games at home.

"I think the team has yet to mature. We are still wreckless at times and I hope that with time, we can deliver those performances at home even away." 

Reja then moved on to compliment Muslera. "His save to Giovinco's shot was very crucial in keeping us ahead."

Asked if the defeat against Napoli still hurts, Edy was not in a diplomatic mood: 

"Everyone saw that our loss was not because of our play, but because of refereeing mistakes." 

The discussion then moved to the battle for the fourth place:

"I only look at Lazio, I want to get in the Champions League because it would be a great reward for a great season that is being played by the whole team."

Asked whether it was Udinese or Roma that he fears more, Reja was very sly and provocative in his response:

"Roma are climbing the standings fast, but we are now fourth, so we have to be positive even if we look at the upcoming games we see that we have the most difficult path. But I personally fear Roma, not only because they have good players but because they are very (lucky)" laughed Reja.

Edy Reja continued with his sarcastic approach to refereeing: 
"We have now four difficult games away and we need to start to gain points away from home because otherwise it will be difficult to keep the fourth position. It is important to do this because no one gives us gifts like others".

This fueled the reporters who demanded an explanation so Reja continued: "I read the newspapers and watch television, it is weird to see the suffering when it comes to refereeing decisions.I am speaking for the whole campaign and not only the recent events. For instance, we would have preferred a draw yesterday between Rome and Udine as it was a direct confrontation between two of our competitors for the fourth position, and I saw the game, and look how Guidolin also expressed his dissatisfaction from the refreee. We all saw how things went." concluded Edy.

Mahyar Yahfoufi
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