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  07/10/2011: Delio Rossi: Lazio and Roma are on the same level.
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The days pass slowly and the derby never seems to come. With Edy Reja on the bench the Biancocelesti have struggled in derbies and the optimism isn't too high in the blue side of the capital. With 5 derby losses in a row Lazio seem to have forgotten how to win a derby against Roma. One man who was able to say just the right things to the players before a derby was Delio Rossi. Infact the last derby Lazio won was with Rossi in charge.

"There is a recipe to win the derby. Sooner or later Lazio will win." Rossi said while being interviewed by Radiosei.

"A win in the derby is just what Reja needs to reconnect with the fans. Up to this point he has done well, but the derby is special and will move him closer to the fans if he can win. Reja has understood the importance of the derby, and has done everything to win it but hasn't been able to win so far."

According to Delio Rossi the two teams are even on paper: "Lazio has certainly improved, and  Roma is also strong. Still, the derby doesn't have any rules and that's the beauty of it. Many times the underdog are victorious in the end. Roma might have something more then Lazio, especially in the future, since the age of the Lazio players are higher. Currently Lazio has reached the same level as Roma."

When asked about Ledesma, Klose and Zarate, two players of present and one of the past Rossi replied:

"Ledesma is one of those players you don't always notice when he is playing, but when he is not playing you certainly notice it. Everyone saw this the year he wasn't playing. Klose I thought would be more static. I quickly changed my mind, he is a very intelligent and strong player. On Zarate, you can't question the choices made. Lazio has made this choice, time will tell if it was right or not."

Rossi then gave his opinion about Lazio this season from a tactical perspective:

"From what I have seen Klose already clearly has found his role in the team, while Cissé is still searching for his. It seems like something is missing at Lazio. One player I admire is Andre Dias. He is a great player, even if he maybe have declined slightly this season."

Rossi then tried to find an answer why he is still highly respected by most Laziali:

"The fans have never forgotten me. I always tried to be honest with them, and I always told the truth. Rather then lying I kept quiet. I always did my best for the team, as I have always done and will continue doing with the teams I coach.

(Eivind Ytreland)
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