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  10/10/2011: Rossi reflects on the 4-2 Derby
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Delio Rossi, most recently at Palermo, has discussed the famous 4-2 derby with Il Messagero:

"We were in a difficult period and sought seclusion to find a bit of serenity. It was a long, troubling, difficult period but we prepared well for the game. The beginning of the game was overwhelming; a two-goal lead in three minutes, the stuff of dreams. Then the game leaned towards Roma and it took a great Lazio to bring home the victory. The derby was nervy and controversial which is typically the ingredients of its challenge."

"Our fans hailed us and we regained our confidence. After that, the team found peace. A derby can affect the championship, if you win, it is remembered, if you lose, it can become more complicated. It is always better to win the return, that way you have silence for five or six months."

"The derby is remember not because of me, but because of Lazio and their failure to win since. It is not often you score four against Roma, it was a great game and one I remember everything from. Just like the fans remember goals, sendings off, substitutions, missed opportunities. In Rome, I learned what it means to live the derby."

"When I arrived in Rome, one person told me "coach, two derby wins." He did not want the league or Champions League qualification, only this. So I realised immediately what a great event the derby would be."

"This Lazio is strong and has great individuals that can be relied on. It has the characteristics to finally beat Roma but I make no predictions, they rarely come good in these cases. Lazio's strength lies in their togetherness, the class of Klose, the strength of Cisse and the desire to end this run. For Roma, it is Totti and De Rossi. They're Romans, they are attached to the red and yellow shirt."

"Totti will play, and so he should as the derby should have all the best performers on the field. Without Totti, the derby loses some charm."

"No Zarate is a loss to Lazio. Mauro always did well in the games that mattered because the challenge brought the best out of him. He is a real talent, his runs can give your side a numerical advantage in attack. Inter will find the old Zarate."

"To win, Lazio must play to win, not worry about the league as it is early days and forget about the losing streak."

"Luis Enrique has brought something new to Roma. He will have learned early what this game means. I think he has already adjusted."

"At the Olimpico, I'd be in the Curva Nord, cheering for Lazio but I will be watching this time on TV."

(Cathal Mullan)
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